Moab Airport Car Rentals

Rent an Jeep and Explore Moab!

Upgrade your visit with our Moab Jeep Rentals

Moab is known for its rugged terrain and off-road trails. Make the most of your time in Moab and rent a Jeep. We have a variety of jeeps including Modified 4-door Wrangler, Rubicon Unlimited 4-door, and Jeep Gladiator 4-door. Rent the Jeep and navigate yourself or take a guided tour where you still get to drive but with one of our awesome guides.

Things you need to know about renting a Jeep

Each of our Moab Jeep rentals comes with a cooler with ice and water, a trail map, and plenty of room for your own snacks. We Recommend that you bring the following items: a hat and light jacket, sunblock, and a small 1st aid kit. Although we provide water, you should always bring extra. (A gallon per person per day).

Afraid of getting lost?

Not everyone is great with directions. Is that you? As an added piece of security, each Jeep has a GPS locator installed. Don’t worry though, we very rarely have someone get lost, but feel confident that if you do get into trouble or lost we will have the ability to find you quickly and come and get you.

Our Moab Jeep Rentals Pet Policy

We love animals and even though you would like your animal to be an exception to the rule, we cannot allow animals for any reason in our Jeeps (unless it is a guide dog). Cleaning pet hair out of our Jeeps takes hours. If we do find pet hair in the Jeep you will be required to pay a $100 cleaning fee.

You can rent one of the best jeep rentals in moab at our sister company, Canyonlands Jeep

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